City Stormwater Runoff Now a Welcoming Wetland

By Lindsey Collinsworth

Down the winding Bob Jones Bike Path in San Luis Obispo, past the Water Treatment Plant you will now find the City of San Luis Obispo’s newly constructed wetland. Thousands of native plants were put in the ground this spring with the goal of using stormwater runoff to create a wetland habitat visible from Highway 1, effectively stopping dirty water before it has a chance to harm the creek.

We had the pleasure of working with City Biologists Freddy Otte and Neil Havlik to create interpretive panels that illuminate the process in which the wetland was created, how a wetland functions, and how we can continue to preserve and protect our wildlife and remaining resources. These interpretive panels feature the California Conservation Corps, San Luis Obispo County Partners for Water Quality mascot steelhead kids, Samita and Sammy Junior, illustrated by Glenn Hiramatsu, and a visionary painting by Los Osos artist Jay Bonestell showing what we hope will be the result of all this effort. 

The City’s foresight and dedication to environmental preservation and education is just another reason San Luis Obispo is a wonderful place to live.