Design Praise

The signs look awesome! Thanks for such a professional, creative project!

Joni Turken, Boat US Boat Owners Assn

I sure like working with you, Terre. I admire your skills and talents.

Kathy Johnston, Writer

To our wonderful and very talented graphic artist “Terre”: Thanks Terre. We LOVE your design work! (Good Art!) When you get time, go and enjoy an evening on us. Thank you for your patience and professionalism! We have several jobs working, and you juggle them all and with great speed and quality. You and your ethics do not go unnoticed.

Lorie Ruth, Marketing Director, Tahoe Joe’s Management Company

I like it! It is absolutely perfect.

Brooke Craft, Spirits Choice

This is so beautiful. I hadn’t seen your work in progress, relative to our draft and your finished product until this piece. I am impressed. You have taken Shannon’s idea to the best possible visual presentation. Really. I am a watercolorist, so really good visual work is wonderful to see. We all loved it! And were awe-struck. Thank you so much….

BJ, Doghouse Promotions

It’s great!
You are so awesome!

Shea Lieder, Tahoe Joe’s Management Company

The ad looks GREAT! You always do such wonderful work.

Sandra Marshall, Publisher, Information Press

You are a great designer and artist. You have my respect!

Dorothy Riggs, Artist

Thank You for your kindness and all you have done to help us grow. We have handed out hundreds of business cards that have come with words of praise on how beautiful they are.

Christie Brown, The Romantic Touch

The CSI ad looks great. Gary is very happy with the outcome. Thanks!

Eric Losey, Dove Lighting Systems

What a great poster! I love it. You are a creative wonder.

Nicholas Alter, Photographer

I am so happy to have made a connection with such a wonderful graphic artist.

Cheryl Lesinski, Morro Bay National Estuary Program

Are you working for commission or something??? 🙂 Wow. THANK YOU for all your efforts! Do any other EDC projects ever come your way? I think you should get our business WAY more often.

Eric Cardenas, Environmental Defense Center CCEHP

I really think you have a very very fine sense of design.

Melanie Potter, School of Beadwork

They (newsletters) look great! You do good work.

Jon McCoid, Poor Richard’s Press

Work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my 3 year old said, “I love it!” Thank you!

Jane Walter-Ogurek, The Menu Maker

Thanks so much for all your work and being really easy to work with!

Mark Manderino, Cal Poly University, Fraternities

Thank you for doing this and as always being so expedient about it!!!!!

Maya Andlig, Cal Poly University, Student Community Services

Great job! Thank you thank you, thank you.

Pamela Heatherington, Executive Director, Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo

Susie of Halcyon Store LOVES her ad. She sends a special thank you!

Sandra Marshall, Publisher, Information Press

Thanks for the advice, Terre. That’s exactly what I needed to know. You’re the best consultant I’ve ever had! And you’re a pretty cool friend, too. 😉 You are a formidable and very talented designer Terre. I’m impressed and inspired by what work of yours I’ve already seen. I’m looking forward to your creative input and sensibilities.

Cameron MacGregor, Web Designer, Prolifique.Com

Once again, you have exceeded our expectations! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Lorie Ruth, Marketing Director, Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse

I have had quite many compliments from my clients during the holidays (about the Gift Certificate). They are so beautiful, and people who saw it could not resist buying one or two as a gift.

Kiyoko Humes, Massage Therapist, Natural Remedies

Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you Terre, for your patience. creativity and goodness.

Pam Heatherington, Executive Director, Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo

OH MY GOD! YOU are awesome. I can’t believe it, truly incredible.
kudos, kudos and more kudos. (laying on the floor from the shock of the awesomeness)
thank you – you are the graphic goddess of all time. Hail to the goddess!
Love to you

Sandra Marshall, Publisher, Information Press

WOW! What a dream Graphic Designer to work with!

Maya Andlig, Cal Poly University, Student Community Services

Thanks for thinking of me and for your professionalism and advocacy.

Russ Hodin, Illustrator

Thank you for photographing the Cesar Chavez event. Your graphic design work supporting this project is also well appreciated. Bringing your level of professionalism to our presentation material helps us reach out and involve more people.

Allyson Nakasone, Community Gardens Director, ECOSLO

Your efforts, time and support helped us have a successful project.

Americorps Mentors of San Luis Obispo County

It’s great working with Terre Dunivant on this (SLO Stewards newsletter) project.

ECOSLO Board of Trustees

Thanks, Terre. You are a genius!

Stratton Semmes, Landscape Architect

Thanks for the great work on the Oasis ads!

Ed Harris, Oasis band

Once again, excellent job thanks for all your hard work! Fantastic wow super ideas you are amazing. It’s perfect, when can we get the cards? Thank you so much. I am stoked that I called you. Do you do shirts? We love it!

Dawn Afman, Afman Tile & Stone

I enjoyed working with you Terre and still have ideas that need to find expression….. we’ll be in touch soon

Bonnie Hall, San Luis Obispo Arts Council

They (letterhead/envelopes/business card) look very good and you were right about the paper. Thanks.

Dave Fansler, Founder, Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse, Consultant, Signature Restaurant Consultants

Thanks so much for the info and a wonderful job.

Bryon Forbes, WIA Program Analyst, Private Industry Council

It (a poster) looks great. You did a great job, thanks so much.

Cheryl Wells, Entertainment Coordinator, Morro Bay Harbor Festival

You have been a great help and I want to keep you happy, everybody loves the cover! Thank you.

James Nearchos, Magazine Developer, Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

Oh my god I love it! Thank you so much for for the lovely ad. I love what you said. Please call me so I can pay you! THANKS AGAIN! I was wondering if you design business cards. You did so awesome with the ad for me, maybe I could hire you to help me put it together!

Jennifer Doyle, Realtor, Century 21 Team Realty

Thanks for the great job. It looks so good!

Patrick Pinkart, Physical Therapist, San Luis Sports Therapy

The ad looks totally great, and ditto on that from the others.

Ray Ladd, Rainbow Greetings

THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think they look so nice. I am so excited. They turned out great!!

Sherrie Jones, JWJ Ranch

Have just seen the final conservation guides (Open Space and Bishop Peak Plans) that you completed – they look great!

Melissa Ellsworth, City of San Luis Obispo

[The project] looks great Terre!

Rick Copelan, President, Better Business Bureau of the Tri-Counties

Thank you so much for a fantastic job! You’ve definitely found your calling! You are a DESIGN GODDESS!!

Kim Warrick, Massage Therapist, Arroyo Grande Massage Therapy

Great job on the book.

Patricia MacCasland, Vice President Business, Economic Vitality Corporation