About Us

Terre Dunivant is the founder of GAIA GRAPHICS and ASSOCIATES® . Before that, Terre was a Conservationist crew supervisor and Corpsmember Development Coordinator with the California Conservation Corps (CCC) in San Luis Obispo.

Twenty years ago Terre knew nothing about marketing and design, which resulted in the end of an early publishing venture after three years, the Earth Journal. But that led to an invitation to work at a fabulous weekly newspaper called New Times, where she’d been a freelance writer and photographer. First working as a designer, then advertising art director and production manager, Terre learned the business from the best: Steve Moss and Alex Zuniga, Rhonda Odell and Bev Johnson.

In 2000 Terre made the leap to freelance, then employer, and began working with other creative people to offer more services to clients: Cal Poly design graduates Lindsey Collinsworth, Huc Ambrose, Leslie Bloom, Edward Marshall, Benjamin Lawless and Russ Hodin; UC Berkeley Certificate of Design graduate Susan McIntosh and Cuesta design graduate Bejae Blake; illustrators Glenn Hiramatsu, Brian Wignall, Jay Bonestell, Jim Bryant and Steve Adams; photographers Marlin Harms, Lynda M. Roeller and Jesse Bo Aston; artists Paula Zima, Carol Paulsen and Stephen Plowman; writers Ellen Perryess, Ruth Ann Angus, Sue McGinty and Eva Dunson; videographer Zeke Turley; and exhibit designers Howard Schureman and Mike DiMilo.

Gaia Graphics & Associates is always busy and sometimes superbusy, which is why we’re always happy to talk to talented designers, illustrators, photographers and writers who have a grounding in natural and sustainable subjects. Please use the Contact Us button top right if you’d like to get in touch.