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Nature and Design

Richard Shilling is an artist who specializes in Land Art, a form of art which derives its design and inspiration from the natural materials in and around the site.  Focusing primarily on sculptures, whose existence are often temporary, allowing for the natural elements to reclaim what he has created, Richard’s pieces are made and then […]

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The Bright Side of Environmental News

In the early 1990s I published a newspaper called Earth Journal. It was as fun as we could make it, given the weighty problems we addressed: global warming, pesticides, pollution, endangered species… Every month we focused on a topic, with articles and resources related to alternative energies, sustainable agriculture, habitat preservation, healthy living, religion as […]

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Sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices are important to Americans

!!! This is from brandchannel.com, one of my favorite sites for the latest information about branding (distinguishing your company or organization). 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey By Cone LLC, May 2007 Recently, the results of the 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey were released. Brands would be interested in learning about how seriously Americans are now […]

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