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Nature and Design

Richard Shilling is an artist who specializes in Land Art, a form of art which derives its design and inspiration from the natural materials in and around the site.  Focusing primarily on sculptures, whose existence are often temporary, allowing for the natural elements to reclaim what he has created, Richard’s pieces are made and then […]

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PaperStone Products

Choosing to use recycled paper products is a relatively simple way to reduce our impact on our waning tree population, and the people at PaperStone Products have some of the most eco-friendly materials on the market.  Using recycled paper as the main content in their hard surfaces in buildings has allowed them to become certified […]

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MPAA: “Best Practices Guide for Green Film Production”

UPDATE 2010: The Producer’s Guild of America website has more information about green film production, which includes the MPAA’s Green Film Production Guide.  NBC Universal also offers a pdf download with information about green film practices. We’ve also updated the other links in this article, originally posted in 2008, as many had gone dead. ———————————————————— […]

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