Training Praise

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Terre’s classes.
I left today with a renewed sense of hope and excitement.

Gail Darmofal, Design Student

Terre is certainly one of my favorite teachers. She is so passionate
about what she does and it comes out in all her teachings. She took
really good care of us and helped us to ask pertinent questions!

Melanie Potter, Design Student

You know what I like about your teaching? I appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, and positive-ness you bring to our students — and your generous sharing of knowledge. You show a kind, caring interest in each one of them AS UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS and they feel it. Your discussions with students are mostly about THEM, not all about YOU. They adore you. You handle groups very well. You move around and get involved with them — and get them involved in the lessons. You teach them as people, not talking down to them. I like that you can manage a group well — esp a small group of such diverse characters 🙂 That is the nature of our students. You make it fun, and you bring wonderful real-world experience to them. You come to class well-prepared.

Carolyn Hornbuckle, MacTeacher/PCTeacher

Thank you again for being our production angel. You have certainly helped us with the learning curve on InDesign. Am more than happy to pay for your remarkable effort on behalf of the entire college. We are so happy you can continue to be our consultant.

Mary McCorkle, Cuesta College Cuestonian

Your words were extremely kind and so very encouraging in a time when I need to hear them most…Thank you for that. You are an excellent teacher…your excitement about what you do is contagious. I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me both on the computer and about life in general. Look forward to working with you again in the near future. When I have the piece completed, I will be calling on you for “final tweaking”. With respect and gratitude….

Bobbi Robinson, Bright Ideas