Earth-friendly labels from Lightning Labels

Lightning Labels is a source for Earth-friendly labels made from corn rather than petroleum. I’m looking for projects where we can make use of this material. Here’s the info from their website.

Environmentally Friendly Labels

If you want durable custom labels and stickers then you have to order labels printed on a film material. These film materials, such as our white BOPP, are both waterproof and oilproof. They work very well, but the downside is they are typically manufactured from petroleum products.

However, in the last few years there has been a lot of research done to look for an environmentally friendly alternative. EarthFirst PLA is a new kind of label material that is made from corn instead of petroleum. We have tested this material extensively and we are very pleased with its quality and durable. So we are now making it available to all our customers.

Our high resolution digital label printing looks great on the EarthFirst PLA material. In fact many of the customers who participated in the test said they could not tell the difference between it and our regular white BOPP material. The best news for you is that it costs only a little more. As always, you can do your own label quotes for the new material here.

Here at Lightning Labels we are proud to be one of the first digital label printers in the country to offer the EarthFirst PLA material. Now, if you want to order short run labels or stickers you have an environmentally friendly alternative.

You can see the quality of all our label materials including EarthFirst PLA by requesting some label samples.

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